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The Merseyside Aikido Fellowship (MAF) is a not for profit, independent group of Aikidoka (person who studies Aikido) based in Liverpool, UK.

Led by Chief Instructor Les Baker Sensei 5th Dan, the MAF is totally free from the politics sometimes found in other organisations and is simply committed to teaching traditional Aikido.

It’s not just by chance that the first requirement on the MAF grading syllabus is reigei.  Reigei is the etiquette we show inside the dojo but this also extends to our lives outside of the dojo.

Along with reigei, the first level of progress includes a range of basic movements that can be learned relatively quickly.  New students are very warmly welcomed and are quickly integrated into the school.  Early initial gradings bring new Aikidoka closer to the student group.  After that and with lots of hard work, there is plenty of time for students to develop at their own pace.

As much as a martial art, Aikido is a holistic study.  Both the love of the art and deep friendships are built into the ethos of our organisation.

Merseyside Aikido Fellowship
On Training
A thousand days of training to develop, ten thousand days of training to polish. You must examine all this well