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Tenshinkan Crosby

The Tenshinkan Aikido Dojo was founded by the late Eric George Sensei on his return from Japan where he had lived and studied. Eric George was also a senior Judo coach and player and with his contacts within the British Judo Council he became head of the Aikido section within the BJC. Eric was soon joined by Alan Keithley Sensei who had been a student of the Great Kazou Chiba Sensei who had been sent to England by O sensei and had received his Shodan from this famous Aikidoka. In the late 1980’s Eric George Sensei decided to return to Japan and in doing so asked Les Baker Sensei to take over the Tenshinkan. During this period the Tenshinkan came under the guidance of Mr William Smith Sensei 6th dan M.B.E. and principle of the United Kingdom Aikikai. Mr Smith promoted  Sensei Keithley to Nidan with the direct blessing of Chiba Sensei but sadly Alan passed away suddenly. In 1996 Mr Smith Shihan and Gordon Jones Shihan promoted Les Baker to Nidan at summer course held in Southport. At present the Tenshinkan Aikido dojo is registered with the Aikido Research Federation and a member of the British Aikido Board. In January 2013 we founded the Merseyaside Aikido Fellowship, who at its core follow principles that were laid down by O Sensei and the teachers of Les Baker Sensei.  As a school, we strive to promote friendship and harmony through the study of Aikido. Sensei Baker is currently 5th Dan Aikido and also holds a 5th dan in Ju Jutsu under the instruction of Raymond Bates Sensei 6th dan and studied Iaido and Iai-jutsu of the Musō Jikiden Eishin-ryū with the Wigan Bujutsu Kai Wayne Parkinson Sensei and Renshi John Lovett. The principle of the Tenshinkan is to bring deep study of the self through practice of the classical forms of Budo and through this process bring a balance and harmony to life. Contact: Les Baker Telephone: 07946 723799 Email: Tenshinkan Aikido Crosby Bath St. Waterloo Liverpool L22 5NZ Practice is at 7pm on Wednesdays and 10am on Saturdays

Merseyside Aikido Fellowship
"He said there were no strikes in Aikido so I hit him again"