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What to Wear

After you have tried Aikido for a few sessions and decided that its right for you, you will need to wear a keikogi (traditional white uniform).  Women usually wear a T shirt or similar under their keikogi. You will be able to buy a keikogi from most sports shops from around £25 but we can guide you in the right direction when you need one. They usually come complete with a white belt (we may be able to help you if you cannot afford to buy a keiogi).

We do not use a coloured belt system for adult grades until 1st kyu (brown belt) which should take several years to achieve so you should get plenty of good use from your white belt.

After you have achieved your first grade you will be expected to obtain a hakama which is the pleated skirt like trousers.

It is not permitted to wear shoes on the tatami (mat).  We train in our bare feet but occasional exceptions can be made for medical reasons when socks may be worn (subject to approval by the class instructor).  When walking to and from the tatami (mat), some form of simple slip on shoe or flip-flops (rice straw zoories are ideal) must always be worn.

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