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Zenreikan Southport

Zenreikan is affiliated to the Merseyside Aikido Fellowship (MAF) and teaches a style of Aikido as practiced at the Aikikai Honbu but is also largely influenced by Iwama style of Aikido and the weapons curriculum taught by Morihiro Saito Sensei.

The school was founded by Alan Howells and Carl Hughes and first opened in Ormskirk, Lancashire on 26th February 2013.

The school relocated to Souhport in September 2014.

Insurance is provided through the Independent Martial Arts Sports Association.  It is a non profit school and instructors teach on a voluntary basis.

Following tradition the school was named by Sensei Les Baker.  Sensei Baker continues to guide and mentor Alan & Carl and teaches at the Tenshinkan Dojo in Waterloo, Liverpool.

Zenreikan means “The house of respect through pure thought”.  Respect is one of the “Seven Virtues of Budo” and training at the Zenreikan encourages the students to adapt this along with other universal virtues such as; Integrity, Courage, Honour, Compassion, Honesty and Loyalty.

The Zenreikan in Southport is presently an adult only class but children are welcome to practice at the MAF, Tenshinkan Dojo in Waterloo.

Contact: Carl Hughes
Telephone: 07980 745715

Zenreikan Aikido Southport
Beat Box Studio
190a Sussex Road

Practice is at 7.15pm on Tuesdays


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